Are you looking for a change inyour career? Are you thinking about setting up your own business? Do you need new inspirations for your personal development?

The on-line training Business Skills Explorer aims to raise your awareness about your key skills, which can bring you to the next level.

This training is designed for all adults in charge of the management of a house or a family: are you independent, living alone or sharing a flat with friends? Are you the household of a family with children? Are you living with your partner, sharing responsibilities for the home every-day duties? If so, you can enroll to the Business Skills Explorer training!

During this training you will go through a self-analysis that will help you understand what key entrepreneurial skills you possess, which are linked with your ability to manage your household (such as creativity, organization and planning, communication and networking, problem solving and decision Start2pilotmaking, teamwork, etc.). Gaining and improving entrepreneurial skills is a crucial step for your personal and professional development, and not only to become an entrepreneur. Indeed, having entrepreneurial spirit and being aware on how to use your entrepreneurial skills can lead you to improvements in your job career, if you are employed, or can bring you onto new challenges for a better personal fulfillment.

To learn more, check out the training programme.