In Romania, the number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) increased, according to data provided by the National Trade Register, from 693 857 active companies (end of 2012) to 717 749 active companies (30 November 2013), representing 99.72% of all firms. SMEs have 2,574,306 employees, providing more than 58.94% of total employment, and conduct also a turnover of 644.23 billion USD, accounting for over 59% of the turnover of all undertakings.

In terms of size, SMEs are classified as follows

  • 89.79% are micro enterprises;
  • 8.4% are small enterprises;
  • 1.53% are medium sized enterprises.

The proliferation of small and medium enterprises in Romania reduced the gap in the EU average in the number of SMEs per thousand, reaching 34.6 to 42 at Community level. Implementing the Strategy Europe 2020 Romania involves harnessing the greater   potential of SMEs to create jobs and to achieve socially inclusive growth.

According to a survey conducted in March and April among small entrepreneurs, in 2012 the financial results of half of the companies were comparable to those of 2011, while 30% had a growing business, and 25% increased.

An alarming situation is related to the financing of businesses.  Currently, over 90% of the companies are self-financing up from 75% in 2012.

In terms of strategies, only 6% of SMEs have a strategic plan for the coming years, while 55% have no strategy. Entrepreneurs are, however, optimistic about the future of the business, 45% counting on growing business and 46% on stagnation.