Adopt the training for free

Offer the training to your students, clients or associates!

Are you an adult learning institution? Are you an association supporting women, start-ups, unemployed people, or other relevant groups? You can access this online training free of charge and decide to offer it or use part of the materials.

Download Toolkit for free and start offering the on-line training

You can download here the Toolkit and have access to the material and models needed to offer the training to your students, clients, or associates.

Get the full toolkit

Get in contact with the M-House team in order to receive also the On-line training Modules developed in Moodle environment, which will allow you to import the whole course on your Moodle platform.

For any more information (e.g. on rights of use, technical specifications, results of pilot runs of the training, …), for technical support in installing the Toolkit, to cooperate with the team or to have your link in this web-portal, please contact us!