Official M-House events

“Enhancing SMEs competitiveness in EU”

Brussels / 5th October 2015

This was the closing event of the M-House project. The focus was on EU actions & funds to support SMEs, the M-house project results (in particular the online training & Business skills explorer and the Business Support Directory), the SMEs portal and SMEs internationalization portal.


“M-House – Europe Day”

Reggio Calabria / 11th May 2015

This event is organized by Cisme and Municipality of Reggio Calabria; it  aimed to celebrate Europe Day and to raise awareness about the EU. Each year thousands of people take part in visits, debates, concerts and other events to mark the day and to receive information about European programs. This year in particular in the framework of Europe Day will be organized public event to raise awareness about social economy and its aspects in labor market especially  in  entrepreneurial aspects in our territories.


“Household entrepreneurship and a value of competences in the labour market”

Warsaw / 13th October 2014

After an introduction of the project, the invited speakers representing academia, commercial and municipal institutions will present different perspectives of the household entrepreneurship within the context of the challenging labor market.


“Management skills from your house to your professional life: Boosting households’ entrepreneurial potential”

Brussels / 6th February 2014

The conference was the opening event of the M-House project, held at the Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU. After an introduction of the project objectives, Prof. Piorkowsky and Prof. Römer-Paakkanen presented the academic link between private households and business models.