M-house Exploitation event in Brussels

EU funded pack of online training & traineeship programme for adult learning institutions and business support organisations

On 28th October a targetted stakeholder event took place in Brussels.

Entrepreneurs and innovators can be found at every layers of civil society, especially amongst households (traditional and not). This is the general idea behind the project M-learning to unleash business potential of households. M-HOUSE aims at providing households with alternative career/employment pathways, especially women, to reach personal fulfilment, reconciling work commitment with the family one, and stimulating participants with the practical means to increase their employment opportunities.

During the meeting stakeholders had the chance to understand how they can adopt the course for free or freely use the materials developed during the project. Objective of the meeting was also the presentation of the CCBI training programme for the International Master in European Studies – Policy advisor and project consultant, organised in cooperation with the University of Louvain.