AEPMR – Romania

logo2enThe Association for Lifelong Learning in Rural Areas (AEPMR) is a non-governmental organization based in Braila, Romania.

The mission of the organization is to increase the number of citizens in the rural areas who have access and benefit of lifelong learning opportunities.

Areas of activity: lifelong learning courses for citizens in rural environments; training courses, seminars, conferences, public debates; awareness raising activities; counseling and consultancy to interested people in the fields of human rights, development of civic awareness and other areas of general interest for the public life.

The goal of AEPMR’s activity is to give adult general, cultural and social training domain a European dimension. Given the wide range of fields in adult education and the large number of potentially generated activities, the measures are limited to promoting the European dimension. AEPMR’s actions are a constant, continuous effort and promote the concept of European citizenship and the foundation of individual norms, rules and principles common to all European countries.