CCBI – Belgium

logo EN trasparenteSince 1968 CCBI implements activities to support adult learning and entrepreneurship, such as training courses, seminars and conferences, networking events, consultancy.

Indeed, CCBI has more than 10 year experience in organising training courses for adults in different fields, i.e. project management, entrepreneurship and business attitude, intercultural topics, career development, gender equality, sustainable development, language courses, etc. CCBI activity includes: analysis of trainees’ needs, drafting of didactic programme and definition of learning methodology, hiring of experts and professors, set up of evaluation system and follow-up, promotion of the training and management of selection and recruitment of trainees.

Some of CCBI trainings have been inserted in the EC Grundtvig Catalogue since 2011. In the last 2 years it has been one of the main player in the LLP project Uni-key, investigating informal learning and providing non-formal learning related to entrepreneurship. To deliver its training courses, CCBI cooperates with Universities, public entities and other Chambers of Commerce. The didactic content of the courses is high level and it is conceived by professionals and academics. The quality of the CCBI trainings is certified ISO 9001.

CCBI has developed e-learning courses, as well as an intranet platform with training purposes for the EU Delegation in Jerusalem.

CCBI is Intermediary Organization in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, a cross-border exchange programme that gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other European Union countries. Furthermore, CCBI is part of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, a network that today involves 76 Chambers in 50 countries with 140 points of presence and over 24.000 members companies.

In 2010 CCBI carried out a survey at European level among SMEs, which was then presented at the EAIE conference in Nantes, upon invitation of the European Commission and which contributed to the We Mean Business campaign, recently launched by the EC. This proves its ability to involve stakeholders at European level and to manage large-scale dissemination/exploitation activities.

As Chamber of Commerce, CCBI can reach a large number of entrepreneurs and Institutions; being committed in lifelong learning CCBI manages to bridge the different words of learners, SMEs and education institutions.