CISME – Italy

CISLogo CISMeMe cooperative is an Agency of local development founded in 1980, accredited since 2003 as a training centre. Main activities are: to plan and manage innovative projects whose objective are testing new methods, tools and instruments in adult and young education; to promote the exchange of best practices and the creation of local, national and trans-national networks in order to develop the local territory.

CISMe services, certificated by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, are planning, management and implementation of professional and educational guidance, information services, professional training courses and teaching related services, social and economic studies and research services, e-learning.

CISMe has a huge experience in young and adult education thanks to the organization of a large number of training courses; it is also experienced in e-learning, financed by Structural Funds and National Programmes. Moreover, it has expertise in managing European projects and in the organization of large-scale events in the field of education and lifelong learning, vocational guidance and labour market information.