Project Reports and Documents

The M-House project implementation foresaw the organisation of activities to be implemented into 8 Work Packages (WPs). Hereafter, you can find the key (public) deliverables produced while implementing each Work Package.
WP1: Project Management
WP2: Identification of Key Learning Situations (KLS)
WP3: Design and development of e-/m-learning modules
WP4: Pilot runs
WP5: Valorisation of households entrepreneurial skills
WP6: Monitoring and quality assurance
WP7: Dissemination
WP8: Exploitation of results
  • WP1 - Project interim public report (first year) - click here
  • WP1 - Project final public report - click here
  • WP2 - Key learning situations click here
  • WP3 - Storyboards and Moodle Modules click here
  • WP7 - Leaflet in English - click here
  • WP7 - Leaflet in Italian - click here
  • WP8 - Format stakeholder agreement - click here
  • WP8 - Concept of valorisation: M-learning - click here
  • WP8 - Concept of valorisation: Households entrepreneurial skills - click here