M-House EU funded project

In the M-HOUSE project, an international consortium of 8 partners from 6 European countries (Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Poland and Italy) works to increase households’ awareness of their business potential and to valorize their entrepreneurial soft skills. M-HOUSE originates from the idea that households (traditional and not) are based on simple business rules, which, if properly understood and valued can lead to greater creativity and employment opportunities.

Our target group is therefore households, meaning everyone who is in charge of the management of a house or a family; this includes individuals living alone, people sharing a flat with friends, couples, families with children.

The project aims at providing households with alternative career/employment pathways, to reach personal fulfillment, to allow especially women (housewives or workers) or people outside the job-market to achieve their personal fulfillment reconciling work commitment with the family one, providing participants with the practical means to increase their employment opportunities.